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Author Topic: Forum Rules  (Read 226 times)


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Forum Rules
« on: August 17, 2014, 08:34:08 pm »
These rules are temporary
and will be updated in time

[Bear in mind the rules may be revised at any point in time and it is YOUR responsibility to view the updated rules.]
[Make sure you agree and abide with our terms of service before posting.]

1. No Spamming
Spamming floods up the entire forum, it is not a race to get posts.
If you post you should say something that is some-what insightful.
Posts such as 'LOL' or 'xD' are considered spam
because they do not have a reason to even be in this world.
This also means that you do not comment
on every single topic in the Forum,
unless you truly have something to say for each one of them.

2. No Double Posting
This branches from rule one, it does count as spam.
If you need to fix or add something, there is an 'Edit'
button to the top right of your post.
Bear in mind that Administrator edits should not be undone
or re-posted, they were removed for a reason.

A first post with reserved
or other used post used
for other material in events, ect.
is allowed.

3. No Trolling
Trolling is the way people
express themselves in a very
idiotic way because they have
something wrong with them that
they cannot process normal behavior.

4. No Relentless Insults
The server has a no racism policy,
you may not insult somebody's
Religion, Race, or Country.
Heavy insults are also known
as flaming. Also do not use
an excessive amount of profanity.

5. No Pornographic Material
We don't care what your reasoning is, if we
see one instance of nudity or sexual acts
it will be removed. NO EXECEPTIONS.

6. No Going off-topic
Going off topic is plain common sense to know
not to do it. It is not cool, if you need to
change subject, start a new topic or speak
to the Person(s) over forum PM or an
Instant Messenger (Such as AIM or MSN).
Going off topic usually causes a topic to
either be 1) Edited to remove it
or 2) Locked due to irrelevance.

7. No illegal links/torrents
I think that we might of mentioned this
earlier in the year. Torrents are illegal.
We don't want anything on this website
which could get it removed in any
way, shape, or form.
XxX does NOT promote piracy.

8. No Posting MTA Server IPs
This was not included in Rule 1, because it
can sometimes be considered other from Spam
to users in the forum. You can go to whatever
server you like, but this prevents possible
'bribing' to go to SA-MP servers as well.
Discuss this through some type of messaging
program or E-Mail with your friends
if you want them to play it. Although it
is not encouraged if they are content
with XxX

9. Do not abuse the Karma system
The karma system is a way of keeping track
of the website's best and worst users.
If you are found to be abusing it,
you may be banned from the forums.

10. Do not post in old threads
You will see a message at the top of old
(14 days +) threads warning you against
replying to the topic as it is old.

That does not necessarily mean that 14 days is the limit.[/b]
Use common sense: If your reply is not constructive and/or
the topic is already solved, don't posting in it.
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